Write javascript code to play games.
Defeat your friends. Conquer your co-workers. Top the Leaderboards.
May the best algorithm win.
This site is under development! Functionality is still being developed, things may break at random, any players created may be wiped out before release, etc.
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How It Works

Try Tic-Tac-Toe

Here's a simple "playground" to give you a feel for how this works.

You are X and you go first.

Can you edit the player code on the left so you never lose?


New games will be released regularly, so stay tuned. Lots of new games are coming!

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Create A Game

Check out the Game Editor to see how games are built. There are a lot more moving pieces to a Game than there is in a Player.

You won't be able to Publish a game for others to play, but you can see how it works!

Open Game Editor

Support & User Community

Check out /r/battlescripts for support, questions, ideas, feedback, etc